ACOEM India launches ONEPROD’s Bearing Defender, the 4.0 vibration control tool

ACOEM Group’s Indian subsidiary ACOEM Ecotech Industries (ACOEM India) recently launched ONEPROD’s Bearing Defender- the 4.0 vibration control tool. ONEPROD is a specialist recognized brand of ACOEM Group in predictive maintenance for over 30 years’ experience in the monitoring of rotating machinery.

The shift to Industry 4.0 involves profound changes, both technological and organizational, in terms of how companies manage the maintenance of their production tools. Humans will play a key role in industrial digitalization, moving from a system with staff specialized in certain tasks to a more generalist organization: fewer people available to ensure a first level of actions in a broader field. Experts (internal or external service providers) are already focusing on the most critical machines. Under these circumstances, how can a reliability program be improved without more time or resources?

To address this issue, ONEPROD presents its new solution: Bearing Defender. Operators can now quickly and autonomously determine the presence of a machine fault and only call the expert when appropriate. Without any settings, reliable and easy-to-interpret results are displayed within seconds on smartphone or tablet.

Some of the most common faults of rotating machinery, like unbalance or structural resonance can occur in a single direction. To avoid to let a faulty machine unnoticed the Bearing Defender takes tri-axial vibration readings in a single shot, not only to make the measurement process easier but also to keep your machine in good operating condition.

Thanks to its patented wireless measurements and metrological performances, the Bearing Defender makes sure that your machines can keep spinning without risk.

Bearing Defender’s ease-of-use makes it an important leverage for enhancing the reliability of machines. Accessible to staff of all levels, tests can be conducted very quickly in different situations: preventive inspections, tests in a repair workshop, measurements in operating conditions on suspicious cases or during additional tests to validate the necessary intervention of an expert on a critical machine.

“End customer will be able to utilize new capacities to deliver an essential information for maintenance control in a few seconds. The maintenance costs for these assets, which were potentially not into any reliability program before, will be greatly enhanced.”Manjul Pandey, ONEPROD Product Manager (India & Middle East)