Shreyansh B Hippargi, Managing Director, QVI India Pvt Ltd

Tell us about your company, and the products and solutions it provides…
QVI is an expert in optical technologies applied to non-contact dimensional measurement. Our products range from optical comparators (profile projectors) to vision measurement systems with multisensor capabilities. Vision systems form a major part of our product range. We also manufacture complimentary products including 3D laser scanning systems and CMMs with unique touch, laser, and video sensor capabilities.

Your views about the Indian machine tool industry…
The Indian machine tool industry is globally ranked 12th in production and 8th in consumption as per the latest Gardner Research Survey. The current market size of machine tools in India is estimated to be around Rs 11,600 crore of which the domestic production accounts for about 47 % of the total consumption. The industry registered an impressive growth rate of 23 % last FY 2017-18

What are the top trends you observe in the industry?
Industry 4.0 is the buzz word currently. It has witnessed lot of development in the manufacturing sector. Several companies are working on gearing up their process to be Industry 4.0 compatible. They want to make sure that the part design, manufacturing process & inspection are in close loop, so the overall process develops & improves over time. We at QVI, are also geared up to give systems and software to manufacturers which will help them in their pursuit to achieve Industry 4.0 objectives. Incorporating advanced metrology systems into these workflows helps speed up the cycles and reduce total costs.

What are the new machine tool technologies that are gaining acceptance in manufacturing sector?
Due to awareness and increasing requirement to be Industry 4.0 compliant, machine tools industry has evolved with the development of both hardware technology and software applications. This has resulted in machines becoming faster, intelligent, and versatile. Machines have now become multifunctional and are capable of performing a broad range of tasks inside a single setup. The standardisation of multiple products on a single platform is possible. The advanced CAM technology is being used for multi-axis, multi-spindle, and multi-turret machines. In addition to this, software is increasingly being used for automation of manufacturing and engineering processes. Software applications provide an integrated view of operation through direct integration with product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution services, process planning, and enterprise resource planning systems.

How do you see the future of Indian Machine Tool Industry?
Looking at the current manufacturing trends, we are expecting a robust growth of 20-25% this financial year 2018-19. Further it looks like the momentum will continue for a couple of years, provided the government policies are supportive and maintained. For the next couple of years, the Indian market is very bullish as far as the metal cutting industry is concerned.

Please tell our readers about the products and solutions that you are showcasing at IMTEX 2019…

We are showcasing our latest range of vision measuring systems which includes SmartScope Flash CNC 200, OCTOLite 200, OCTO 200 (CNC), VIEW Benchmark 250, SNAP DM 200 and our Cobra 3D laser scanning systems along with our user friendly and versatile software used along with these systems.