P C Lakhani, CEO, Fluid Logic Systems Pvt Ltd

Tell us about your company and its product range and solutions
Located in Ahmadabad M/s. Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides hydraulic solutions to various industry segment since last 35 years. We manufacture and supply hydraulic power packs to machine tool and other industry segments. we have wide range of the product from 6 to 10000 liters and with connected power of 0.25 Kw up to 300 KwThe company also provides energy efficient hydraulic solutions resulting into energy saving from 40% to 90% in machine tool industry particularly for machine tool hydraulics,  fixture applications.

In your opinion, what Indian machine maker lacks?
The energy efficient  and compact design concept is still not implemented by most of the manufacturers unless demanded by the end users. The losses occurring through hydraulic system results into heat and leakages and this is the only major concern today of end user which needs to be addressed by machine manufacturers to increase the reliability and reduction of the down time.

What are the top trends you observe in the industry?
Over the years, I see, acceptance level of best performing and energy efficient machine is increasing steadily. An ideal machine should perform with minimum down time of less than 0.2% and without losses i.e. energy, oil, etc.

How do you see the future  of Indian machinery Industry?
I see a bright future with more and more companies Implementing and using energy efficient products according to the international standards and practice based on the performance target leading to industry 4.0 concept.

Tell us about what are you showcasing at the IMTEX 2019?
We are showcasing standard design of FLSPL offering 40% energy saving in comparison to other similar manufacturers in the industry, our standard power pack employs 40% less installed power and then further 40% energy saving during life cycle resulting into saving of minimum Rs.10,000/- per year to the end user.

We are also showcasing enhanced design with inverter drive technology resulting into energy saving of 64% to end user resulting into saving of minimum Rs.15,000/- per year to the end user.  The installed power is also less by @ 40%.

Another highlight is design of hydraulic power pack for fixture application resulting into energy saving of @ 92% to end user with accumulator technology and low internal leakage.