Laser Measuring System LC50-DIGILOG – Reinventing laser measuring technology

The new laser measuring system LC50-DIGILOG is a ground-breaking system that has been completely redeveloped to revolutionise and future-proof the speed, precision and in-process reliability of tool measurement in machine tools.

One of the highlights of the system is the newly implemented DIGILOG technology. Whereas the proven digital/switching laser measuring systems by BLUM using NT technology only generate a small number of signals for recording measurements, the new LC50-DIGILOG generates many thousands of measurement values per second. Thanks to the new technology precision, speed and in-process reliability have been enhanced to a never before imagined level.

The compact BLUM smartDock represents another world-first. This innovative standard interface serves as the basis for all new support systems and contains all the necessary pneumatic valves in addition to the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic connections between the machine and laser measuring system.

The many new ideas implemented by the BLUM developers in the LC50-DIGILOG have resulted in impressive advantages for users: Firstly, measurement and testing times have been shortened by up to 60 percent. In addition, the optics in the system were further improved so that the new generation achieves an absolute accuracy that is better than all comparable measuring systems thanks to an optimised beam shape and a 30 percent smaller focus diameter.