Ramesh Mistry, Product Manager – India and Middle East, ACOEM India

Please tell us about ACOEM and its flagship product MEAX…
ACOEM is a French Multinational group with a direct subsidiary in India. Our flagship product MEAX is designed for accurate, express measurement systems for machine geometries in the machine tool industry. MEAX system helps produce better quality product with its measurements which are traceable to ISO standards. Faster and precise measurements with state-of-the-art technologies like wireless communication and standard measurement sensors makes precision measurement much easier. The ingenious feature of this product lies within the user-friendliness that enables the company’s own service technicians to balance the machine by connecting the software to their own smartphones.

How have the inspection and measurement technologies evolved over the years with the growing demand for higher speed and productivity?
There have been a few changes across the industry segments over the years. Few of them are directly linked to the high demand for faster and accurate precision measurement. Advance measurement techniques are in demand over the traditional measurement systems because of their advantages. Modern machine tools must retain high level of flexibility, a high degree of utilization and a minimum downtime which calls for the correct geometry in all the machine’s movements.

As ever-increasing demands are being placed on machine tools, we have arrived at the conclusion that an optimally functional machine forms the basis for better business.

How important it is for the machine tool industry to have high end inspection technology?
This is one of the very significant parts in the machine tool industry which requires very high precision production output. Any deviation in the finished product quality may incur huge loss. No surprises are expected during continuous production for such high precision products. By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.

Benefits of machine tool calibration…
It provides very accurate information for machine geometry in very short measurement period. This helps users to take appropriate corrective actions for any deviations observed to the specified ISO limits.

What are the challenges that you face in the India market?
Market in India is mixed in terms of the usage of traditional measurement system and basic measurement systems which may not be directly traceable to ISO standard. It shall be very important that the industry get better advanced measurement techniques traceable to international standards. Indian market is slowly warming up to the idea of employing high end monitoring and inspection technology to improve plant reliability.

In tooling industry, verification, alignment and adjustment of jigs and tools play a vital role in productivity. What are the latest technologies to ensure the same and have zero mistakes?
Advance technologies such as MEAX ensure precision measurements are made faster, easier and safe with the wireless measurement sensor and portable units. MEAX products are designed for ease of use ensuring zero mistakes during operation in the field. By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.

Indian SMEs are gradually adopting high-end inspection technologies. How do you see the market for your products in India?
The market requires accurate, faster and precise measurement for machine geometries. MEAX provides the same with its unique wireless sensor and easy operations. These unique products helps users to reduce measurement time for these critical parameters for precision machine tool systems. ACOEM, using the innovations in the fields of technology and maintenance is launching an entirely new brand. The newly-started MEAX brings to the table around 30 years’ worth of machine measurement experience with the introduction of this user- friendly device.

A lot has been said about IIoT and smart factory. What is your take on smart inspection technologies and how much time will it take to actually see them on the Indian shop floors?
The smart inspection technologies uses very less time and are designed very smartly to use minimum user inputs for inspection at the shop floor level. The smart UI facilitates end customers to use these products in much better way to enhance productivity at the plant. These are largely the need of the day over the traditional methods in place at many industries now.

MEAX uses smart technologies with wireless communication which enables use of such systems in creating a safe working environment during the operation of the machine tool system. Our brand provides innovative techniques and there shall be much better things coming soon in line with the industry requirements.

Future plans for the Indian market and where do you expect maximum business from?
MEAX products are very versatile for OEMs as well as end-users and service companies, R & D institutes in the machine tool, metal cutting and metal forming industries.

Looking at the vast installation base in the industry, service companies will be our focus. Service companies have more value addition with this concept. MEAX Level and MEAX Pen product variant on the other hand offers wide application support for use in different R & D projects. Meax Level is an innovative solution that unites technology that allows precision down to 0.01 mm/m using an interface for today’s smartphones and tablet computers. The product determines if the machine is in balance and provides information about the machine guide-rail torsion.