Basketball basket milled with 5-axis technology

OPEN MIND Technologies AG has announced that its hyperMILL® CAM software has been utilized to conduct the 5-axis programming of a replica basketball hoop.

As one of the leading developers of CAM software solutions, hyperMILL was used in conjunction with a GROB G350 5-axis machining center using conical ball barrel cutters from OSG to machine the basketball hoop. Starting with a 81kg block of aluminum and using a 320mm (12.6”) cutting tool length, the finished basketball hoop was milled to 565 g, a 99.3% material reduction.

The hoop has an intricate design that was machined to the finest levels of detail. The application showcases hyperMILL’s extreme high-performance capability for complex 5-axis machining including milling deep pockets and finishing curved shapes. Superior collision control enables a long cutting tool to cut in extremely tight contours. The outer regions were machined with hyperMILL® MAXX Machining roughing applied with a 5-axis shape-offset roughing process. hyperMILL® provides users a broad array of features designed to improve their manufacturing process with high speed and flexibility.