ANCA’s patented PremierPlus technology maintains tool runout of ≤ 5 microns in the highest production environments

ANCA’s new PremierPlus Collet Adaptor range has several design improvements and complements our range of collet adaptors for shank tooling

ANCA second generation PremierPlus technology ensures consistent and efficient tool runout. With three times greater clamping force, tools are held more securely when grinding, increasing the consistency of tool geometry across a batch of tools. As the clamping force is increased it means more force is required to open the collet. This is enabled by a hydraulic pressure intensifier unit at the rear of the PremierPlus Adaptor. used for this purpose.

Simon Richardson, ANCA Product Manager said: “The PremierPlus has been designed to control tool runout as it enables operators to radially adjust the collet via adjustment screws. As the clamp force is pre-set via the preload of the clamping mechanism inside the adaptor, the operator does not need to remove the adaptor from the machine when changing the collet.”

“Simplifying the grinding process reduces set-up time and saves money. Adjusting the preload of the internal clamping mechanism ensures that larger diameter tools can be rigidly held particularly when fluting tools at higher grinding forces,” Simon concluded.

PremierPlus Collet Adaptor gives a cutting edge

  • Consistent and repeatable tool runout of ≤ 5 microns during production runs.
  • Rigid clamping improves quality of the finished tool.
  • Easy set-up means less downtime.
  • Can be retrofitted for existing MX, TX and FX machines in the field with no need for modifications to the machine headstock.