Cassette Changer: Innovation for ByTrans Extended

Bystronic has increased the range of functions for the automated loading and unloading in the laser cutting process. The new “Cassette Changer” option enhances the unloading cycle of the ByTrans Extended automation system.

With the ByTrans Extended, users speed up the material flow of the laser cutting process. The automation unit handles the loading and unloading on the laser cutting system’s shuttle table. Two cassettes provide the raw sheets for the cutting process. With the new “Cassette Changer” option, Bystronic now offers enhanced functionality for the removal of finished cut parts and residual sheets.

The “Cassette Changer” option increases the capacity when unloading the shuttle table. To accomplish this, Bystronic supplements the ByTrans Extended systems with two additional unloading cassettes that retrieve finished cut parts and residual sheets on a separate track beneath the loading and unloading automation system and remove them from the cutting process.

As soon as the first unloading cassette’s maximum loading capacity is reached, it moves to the removal position. Subsequently, the second unloading cassette takes its place, so parts can continue to be unloaded from the shuttle table. In the meantime, the loading and unloading automation system already automatically supplies additional metal sheets to the laser cutting system from the upper raw material cassettes, without requiring the automation cycle to be interrupted for the unloading process. Especially at night or weekend shifts, such a degree of autonomy is very important.

Make the most of the automation potential
This new option is of particular interest to users who utilize the ByTrans Extended as a stand-alone solution without connecting a material storage system, in order to automate the laser cutting process in the most space-saving and flexible way possible. Thanks to its enhanced unloading capacity, the “Cassette Changer” allows users to make maximum use of the high automation potential. Depending on the requirements, Bystronic offers the new option with the purchase of a new system or retrofits existing ByTrans Extended systems. The “Cassette Changer” is available initially for the 4020 models of ByTrans Extended.