SigmaTEK Releases SigmaNEST X1.4

SigmaTEK Systems, the world’s leading CAD/CAM nesting solution provider, recently released SigmaNEST X1.4 and, “This release includes several ground-breaking enhancements to key SigmaNEST modules,” explains Jandre TerreBlanche, Vice President of Sales and Operations at SigmaTEK.

SigmaNEST SimTrans Web was launched – The transaction management application bridges the gap between SigmaNEST and most major ERP systems for an integrated experience.

SigmaNEST Load Manager – the production workload management tool, is now fully 64-bit compatible, increasing speed and processing capabilities.

Manufacturing and fabricating organizations worldwide trust SigmaNEST to help them complete mission critical work. With SigmaNEST X1.4’s latest enhancements, users can expect to see increased speed, enhanced functionality and overall improved quality as the software allows their machines to achieve peak performance.

Additional recent SigmaNEST enhancements include:

New SigmaNEST Knowledge Base – in the ongoing interest of helping professional fabricators win, we have launched a new, user-friendly platform for SigmaNEST programmers.

SolidWorks integration – support of SolidWorks 2018, filtering of SolidWorks parts and assemblies by folder on import

Advanced NC for Clamps – support of geometry-based clamps for machines with specially-shaped clamps

HD SuperNEST – support of Best Sheet options and the Continuous Nesting module by HD SuperNEST