ANSYS and SAP Partner to Unveil Insights from Rich Data Across Engineering and Operations Value Chains

ANSYS and SAP SE recently announced their first solution under a new partnership to drive the Intelligent Enterprise by linking engineering and operations.

The partnership embeds ANSYS’ pervasive simulation solutions for digital twins into SAP’s market-leading digital supply chain, manufacturing and asset management portfolio. The partnership’s first solution, SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS, will run on SAP Cloud Platform and empower industrial asset operators to optimize operations and maintenance through real-time engineering insights, to reduce product cycle times and increase profitability. The announcement was made at the annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference being held June 5–7 in Orlando.

Organizations can reap tremendous benefits by harnessing the massive amounts of data created during simulation and from data gathered by sensors on assets. By linking those diverse data sets, engineers can gain valuable insights into product behavior to improve future development and spur innovation. Additionally, they can develop hybrid models that fuse machine learning with deep physics simulation models to accurately predict how an asset can fail after it is deployed.

Connecting these insights to core business processes and to other asset management solutions from SAP — including SAP Enterprise Asset Management, SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and SAP Asset Intelligence Network — represents a significant leap forward in SAP’s digital twin strategy.

Enterprises can benefit by the real-time insights driven by tracking how assets are designed, built and operated throughout the product lifecycle. SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS replaces time-based maintenance of industrial assets with predictive and prescriptive maintenance. This cloud-based industrial Internet of Things solution delivers accurate insights using a combination of real-time and predictive engineering analyses and ANSYS Twin Builder for building, validating and deploying digital twins.

“The merger of the physical and digital worlds is disrupting the way that products are manufactured, brought to market and operated,” said Eric Bantegnie, vice president and general manager, ANSYS. “By harnessing the insights produced by digital twins, our customers will be well positioned to leverage that disruption and leapfrog the competition. SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS will help to fuel their innovation,” he added.

SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by ANSYS develops an asset’s digital twin to simulate its behavior under various environments and stresses, so as to predict problems before they arise. It relies on information from physical sensors and physics-based analysis based on ANSYS simulation models to produce results in 3D visualization.

“The synthesis of the digital and physical asset will enable companies to capture value throughout the entire product lifecycle,” said Hala Zeine, president, Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing, SAP. “This solution will help equipment operators and service providers to predict and improve asset performance and reliability with engineering insights. A digital twin that ties together engineering models, manufacturing details and operational insights including financial information is unique in the industry.”