New M4130 Shoulder Milling Cutter From Walter Uses Existing Indexable Inserts

Tübingen-based Walter AG is presenting a shoulder milling cutter that is a logical
continuation of the M4000 system concept in the form of the M4130. The idea behind this is
to reduce costs through the ability to use universal system inserts in different applications
and tools. In the case of the M4130, this applies to the system inserts with rhombic basic
shape and a 15° clearance angle, which can also be used either in the routing cutters or
porcupine milling cutters from the M4000 range. The double-edged inserts with sintered
circumference are available in three sizes each with three CVD-coated and three PVD-coated
grades. In addition to its high level of flexibility, it also stands out thanks to its cost

According to Walter, their soft cutting action makes the M4130 shoulder milling cutters ideal
for roughing operations involving steel, cast iron, stainless steels and materials with difficult
cutting properties, and are also capable of plunge milling. Specifically, these operations are
shoulder milling, ramping, pocket milling and circular interpolation milling.

The milling cutter with a 90° approach angle is available as standard with depths of cut of 8, 13 and 16 mm, in
the 16–100 mm diameter range. It is also available as a special tool in a considerably wider
diameter range. The M4130 milling cutter is part of the Walter Xpress fast delivery range
and is manufactured in a CO2-compensated process, according to Walter.