New Cutting Punches and Contour Bases at Meusburger

Meusburger has expanded their range adding three new cutting punches. Furthermore, Meusburger now offers additional contours, for maximum flexibility in the configuration of cutting punches.

E 55405 Cutting punch with tight-tolerance cylindrical head
The new E 55405 Cutting punch features a cylindrical head with tolerance +0/-0.02 mm. Because of this tight tolerance, the cutting punch is ready-to-use and adjustment time is reduced to a minimum. This means savings in time and cost during the installation.

E 5531 Cutting punch with bottle-neck, with ejector
The ejector guarantees reliable removal of the stamping waste and therefore ensures the highest process reliability in the stamping process. Thanks to its bottle-neck geometry, the new cutting punch is suitable for high stamping and retracting forces.

E 55402 Cutting punch with cylindrical head from 1.3344 PM (PM 23)
The powder metallurgical steel 1.3344 PM (PM 23) features highest adhesive and abrasive wear resistance through its homogeneous carbide structure. In addition, it is characterised by excellent compressive strength and toughness.

New contours for the existing cutting punches range
In addition to the offset contours round, oblong hole, and rectangle, Meusburger now also offers a freely configurable hexagon contour as well as a round contour with flattening on both sides. These can be selected quickly and easily using the cutting punches configurator in the digital catalogues. The configurable cutting punches are available within 3 working days.