Hurco to Show New Innovations at Die & Mold India Show 2018

Hurco Companies Inc. will be showing two new innovations at the TAGMA 2018 Die & Mold Show in Mumbai at Booth # E23/E24. On display will be Hurco’s new portable 3D Print Head as well as unique Solid Model Import software.

The 3D Print Head is a wireless accessory that extrudes plastic PLA filament for 3D printing directly on Hurco CNC machines. It is powered and controlled by spindle rotation, soit can easily be moved from one Hurco CNC machine to another. The Hurco control’s latest WinMax® software has support for this type of additive manufacturing that allows customers to quickly develop complex 3D shapes right at the machine. An additional advantage versus desktop 3D print machines is it allows the user to take full advantage of the typically larger travels of CNC machines. The 3D Print Head will be installed on Hurco’s popular VMX42i machine.

“We’ve designed this product to make it easy for people who have no solid modeling experience,”said Mr. Sanjib Chakraborty,Managing Director of Hurco India Pvt. Ltd. “Hurco’s WinMax® programming is the most versatile on the market today with our powerful conversational programming that is known for its user-friendly and intuitive user interface,” he said. “It also has outstanding support of standard M&G code programming. And now, we have added support for additive manufacturing right at the control.”

The 3D Print Head will be installed on a VMX42i vertical machining center that features 1,067 x 610 X 610 mm travels and a BT #40, 12,000 rpm spindle with an 18 kW spindle motorthat produces 237 Nmof torque. The machine has the WinMax® 5 Windows®-based PC-control, which includes a 128 GB Solid State Drive, 4GB of RAM, and a 2.7GHz Dual Core Processor.

Also on display at TAGMA 2018 will be Hurco’s new Solid Model Import software, which automatically uses geometry from a 3D CAD model to easily create conversational programs for 2D and 3D parts or even 3+2 and 5-sided parts. The new software will be shown on a Hurco VM10Ui, which is an economical full 5-axis trunnion style machine with 533 x 406 X 483 mm travels and with 198 mm diameter rotary. The trunnion swings+30°/-110°and rotates at 25 rpm. The machine has a BT #40, 10,000 rpm (option for 30,000 rpm) spindle with an 8.9 kW spindle motor producing 73.6 Nm of torque. The VM10Uiis fitted with the WinMax® 5 control and includes special 5-axis software such as Tool Center Point Management, Transform Plane, Tool Path Linearization and more. Operators can program 5-sided parts right at the control using conversational programming or accept a true 5-axis program generated by a CAM system.

Both machines include Hurco’s Ultimotion®, which is a proprietary software-based motion control system that optimizes the machine motion path to increase performance and surface finish without sacrificing part accuracy. Depending on part geometry, customers have experienced up to 30% decrease in part cycle time with improved surface finish.

“Indian customers are always looking for ways to have a competitive advantage,” said Mr. Himat Patel, Executive Vice President of Hurco Companies, Inc. “These two new technologies are only a small sample of what Hurco has to offer. This year, 2018, marks Hurco’s 50th Anniversary – and we plan to provide our customers with at least another 50 years of innovative machines, controls and software to help them be more productive and have an edge over their competitors.”