Tungaloy to Expand TungTurn-Jet to include Parting-off and Threading Lines for Swiss lathes

Tungaloy is expanding TungTurn-Jet, a family of high-pressure, coolant-through toolholders, to include parting-off and external threading toolholders, with the DirectTung-Jet capability for high efficiency in Swiss lathe applications.

The new TungTurn-Jet toolholders include parting-off holders from the TungCut series, which is now capable of parting a diameter as large as ø32 mm, or ø1.26”, and threading holders from the TungThread series, covering a wide range of thread standards.

Designed with the DirectTung-Jet technology, the new toolholders are compatible with a latest Swiss lathe model, featuring a direct coolant supply capability from the tool post to the cutting tool – without bypassing the coolant via the external tube, thus eliminating cumbersome coolant tube installation to significantly shorten  machine downtime. The DirectTung-Jet system toolholders are also designed for use in the conventional Swiss lathes, which requires a coolant tube subassembly.

At a glance:

  • Compatible with the latest Swiss lathe models, enabling a high-pressure, through-the-tool coolant supply directly from the tool post
  • A simple, bolt-on design facilitates an easy tool setup – no need for installing external coolant subassembly
  • Existing TungCut inserts can be used. A maximum parting-off diameter is now ø32 mm or ø1.26”. (For 12×12 mm square shank holders, a maximum part-off diameter is ø25 mm or ø.98”)
  • 16ER threading inserts are mountable for an array of thread standards