Bharat Fritz Wener (BFW) expands its Horizontal Turning Centers

BFW’s Neo platform is a new and groundbreaking addition to the Horizontal Turning Centers (HTC). It offers great productivity and perfect precision with increased bar capacity, higher power, and greater  rapid rates.

The platform is first-of-its-kind in India with a distinctive feature offering total isolation of lubricant oil from coolant tank. This exclusive feature helps increase tool life and better part finish and reduces running cost to the customers by saving money from less consumption of coolant oil. The swivel panel helps programmer and operator set up the job easily resulting quick delivery of machines for production.

Thermal growth of our turning centers is controlled by precision ball screws assembly resulting sustainable precision. This optimum quality HTC is the most compact in its range intended to serve medium duty turning application. The compact design of this cost-effective HTC platform helps in effective utilization of space offering peak performance, high durability, and excellent output.