Radiant Announces New Automated Visual Inspection System

Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of high-resolution imaging solutions for automated visual analysis of devices  and surfaces, announces the release of the INSPECT.assembly system, a new turnkey automated visual inspection station for  in-line assembly verification. The INSPECT.assembly is fully-integrated with Radiant technology and configured to precise  tolerances to meet production-level inspection needs of complex electronic assemblies. The INSPECT.assembly system detects  the presence, position, and integrity of components including screws, cables, connectors, and other critical features  before final device enclosure to automate assembly inspection.

“Electronics manufacturing processes today are largely automated. However, final inspection for board-based connected  assemblies has lacked an effective automated solution that ensures both consistency and accuracy,” says Davis Bowling,  Radiant’s Regional Account Manager for assembly verification applications. “At the final stages of production where  internal components are verified – before electronics are enclosed before or after functional testing – human inspectors  remain the primary inspection method. This is due to the human’s superior visual acuity and judgment over typical machine vision systems for complex visual analysis.Humans can quickly detect very subtle defects in a variety of assembly contexts, even as parts change. However, human inspection lacks an automated system’s repeatability. To apply an automated solution  in these contexts, the technology must offer the same level of visual acuity and judgment to ensure failures do not escape  or result after goods are shipped.”

Radiant’s new INSPECT.assembly system is a turnkey inspection station that employs ProMetric® Y imaging systems with camera resolution (up to 29 megapixels) and dynamic range (above 70 dB) far exceeding the specifications of typical machine  vision systems. Applied in photometric measurement of light and color in displays and backlit components, ProMetric cameras capture fine-detail images with a level of precision that rivals human visual acuity. Because INSPECT.assembly is  fully-integrated with Radiant camera, lighting, fixturing, and software, Radiant engineers are able to design each INSPECT.
assembly to match the specifications of each customer application. This advanced vision technology solves critical  inspection challenges through a combination of the image registration & analysis functions of the camera with proprietary  machine vision “super tools” in INSPECT Software, which blend multiple machine vision software algorithms in a single tool  to enable comprehensive analysis of specific features. For instance, a tool can be engineered with the unique algorithms  required to locate the routing path of a cable to ensure that it is properly seated around guides on a board based assembly.

“Capturing precise feature flaws during final inspections is critical not only for preventing functional failures in the  manufacturing process, but also latent failures that may occur after shipment,” states Bowling. “A cable that is routed  away from its guide may be pinched or damaged with repeated device use. A loose connector may detach with vibration. These issues may cause a device to fail after it has left the manufacturing facility, resulting in a return or potentially a  broader product recall. The INSPECT.assembly’s imaging capability combined with custom-configured software allow manufacturers to catch subtle errors like these that human inspectors, standard machine vision systems, and functional  testing may miss.”

Radiant’s new INSPECT.assembly system rivals human visual acuity and judgment for detecting defects while quantifying  visual data for automated operations, bridging the gap between human and machine vision inspection for the most  challenging assemblies. Occupying the same physical footprint as a human operator on the line, the INSPECT.assembly system easily rolls onto moving conveyers, adjusting to heights from 525-950 mm. The system features a touch screen for results  monitoring, adjustment of inspection tolerances, and part changes. The system’s INSPECT Software is pre-configured with  multiple inspection tool recipes specific to each part, enabling adaptability to line changeover. The system also offers  reporting functionality, barcode reading, and data output for traceability of inspection results and process control to  improve operations for reducing product returns and recalls.