Speroni impresses visitors with its cutting edge Industrie4.0 solutions at EMO 2017

The Italian tool presetter and tool management solution provider, SPERONI’s participation at the EMO 2017 has been a valuable occasion for visitors to have first-hand experience of company’s latest innovations in the filed of tool presetters. The highlight of the Speroni booth was INDUSTRY 4.0 solutions.  STP MAGIS, STP FUTURA, STP Auto Shrink, the newly launched STP ESSENTIA as well as Intelligent Tool Room & Tool Management Solution INTELLIGO, SPI and UBI are all tangible examples of company’s futuristic and customer centric approach.

STP ESSENTIA, new entry-level Tool Presetting and Measuring machine, guarantees high quality standards at a competitive price. Its robust structure and user-friendly software interface allow customers to benefit from a basic, essential unit with a tangible, long-lasting performance.

SPI, Simple Post Interface. The possibility of generating offset data on a QR code facilitates data transfer between the Tool Measuring machine and the machine tool’s control by eliminating human error, thanks to a seamless and rapid QR code reader. This innovative interface was shown coupled with Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens controls directly on the SPERONI booth.

UBI is SPERONI’s solution for optimal tool organization through either manual or automatic cabinets. Its features vary from controlling and tracking tool stock withdrawal, tool assembly and disassembly, wear assessment and re-sharpening, along with generating customized intelligence reports. UBI can be interfaced with SPERONI INTELLIGO for a complete, fully integrated Tool Management solution.

As a large number of Indians travel to EMO, Speroni’s Indian officials were present at the show to meet the Indian buyers. The company has arranged demo of above mentioned products at its Pune technology centre.