Previewing ANCA’s new custom designed and built industrial robot loader at EMO

ANCA CNC Machines and sister company ANCA Motion is all set to demonstrate its custom designed and built industrial robot loader at EMO Hannover 2017 scheduled to take place from September, 18-23 at Hannover, Germany. The company develops new products and innovations that continue to raise the bar of what a CNC tool and cutter grinder can deliver for our customers.

Pat McCluskey, ANCA’s co-founder and lead designer on the project said: “To give the market a taste of what we have coming up in the future we are excited to preview our robotic tool loader at EMO 2017 that has been fully designed and built in house by our experienced engineering team. We recognise that as the market moves towards greater automation, providing a low cost solution for tool loading was something our customers would welcome.”

“As the lead designer on the robot development project I’ve been asked by industry players ‘how can ANCA develop its own industrial robot?’ Basically it’s a logical extension for our company whose strength is having multi-disciplinary technical expertise and an intimate knowledge of the CNC market. It’s actually a relatively simple task to develop the mechanical aspects of an industrial robot, but to make it function successfully you better be expert in designing your own CNC System, Digital Servo Drives and Core Software. These skills I believe are ANCA’s unique strengths in the tool grinding industry.”

“For instance, the ANCA robot does not use a separate free-standing controller. The control system software actually runs concurrently within the machine’s CNC core software and uses the machine’s operator panel and handheld pendant to perform the teaching. If you can use an ANCA Tool Grinder, you can use an ANCA robot as well and our service engineers can easily fix your ANCA robot. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a complete ANCA machine solution and that is why we have invested in developing our own industrial robot. Visit our stand at EMO to see a live demonstration preview of our new robot that is still in development.” concluded Pat.