Tool and machine technology specialist achieves significant time savings with ESPRIT

Benz Tools, based in Haslach, Germany, is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for tooling and machining technology. The company employs nearly 300 people and has branches and trade partners in over 30 countries worldwide. The Benz product portfolio includes the development and production of cutting-edge metal, wood and composite processing tools for lathes and machining centers. Benz Tools is an industry leader in high-quality, tailored solutions or customers working in metal, wood and composites.

In order to cope with large and increasingly complex orders, Benz Tools purchased an assortment of new turning and milling centers in 2015. But to operate these machines efficiently and more easily master the challenges presented by complex components, Benz Tools also needed a suitable CAM system that would meet certain criteria. The new system should be able to run complete simulations on all machines, in order to prevent collisions. A time analysis function was critical so that orders could be calculated for customers. The software should be able to create shop floor trailers to document operations, tooling, fixturing, work coordinates and time study. Operability was another important criterion: Benz Tools wanted an easy-to-learn software that was quick to program. At the top of the list, however, was ensuring that the software would generate accurate G-code for the CTX beta turn & mill machines from DMG MORI.

After meeting with a handful of CAM software producers, Benz Tools quickly decided on the ESPRIT® CAM system from DP Technology, which met all of the company’s criteria and included some nice bonus features other systems didn’t offer. “ESPRIT CAM has a few functions that other CAM systems don’t, such as the ability to synchronize different channels by dragging and dropping. You don’t find this in any other CAM software,” says Benz Tools programming team leader Jochen Tränkle.

Furthermore, Benz Tools found that machining complex components is easier with ESPRIT. “We can now create programs to machine complex geometries in just a few minutes — we couldn’t do that before. As a result, we have freed up capacity and can fully utilize our machines’ capabilities.”

Benz Tools handles an average of 100 different new parts per day, including many one-of-a- kind components. Such work can take a long time if these parts are programmed directly on the machine. With ESPRIT, programming time for these parts has dropped dramatically. “A short turnaround time is important — especially in the machining and tooling technology business,” Tränkle says. “ESPRIT allows us to react to and fulfill new orders much more quickly. We have cut down our programming time by as much as 40% for some parts.
This is an excellent optimization
of our production processes.” Tränkle also praised the technical support provided by ESPRIT. 
“We only have to call once, and the wait isn’t long. We are always well cared for and expertly advised. Such support is good for business, and for that we thank ESPRIT.”

As a next step, Benz Tools plans
to introduce the integration of MachiningCloud to facilitate the search for tools and to import exact tool assemblies into ESPRIT.