Tadashi Hidaka, Managing Director, KYOCERA CTC Precision Tools Private Limited

Kyocera is large conglomerate spread across various industry verticals. Please tell us more about the Cutting Tool division.
In 1973, Kyocera started its cutting tool business as part of a wider effort to diversify by utilizing its fine ceramic technologies in various applications. Since then, the company has developed its cutting tool business from the basic principles of “seeing our operation from the customer’s perspective,” “aiming to become a valuable, comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer” and “globalization.” Today, we have approximately 30 offices and manufacturing sites around the world and are continuously expanding our business worldwide. As a comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer, Kyocera contributes to progress in various industries including automotive, aerospace and power generation through its key products: CERATIP, solid tools, and custom-build tools.

What are the latest technology and innovations from Kyocera?
We support global manufacturing by developing materials such as super hard metal alloys and cermets, proprietary coating technology and forming technology. As for material development, the MEGACOAT NANO is our special multilayer nano-coating technology developed through thin-film forming technology at the nano level (1nm=10-6mm). As it enables us to form an extremely thin coating layer, it extends the operation life of cutting tools.

CERATIP achieves high efficiency and extremely precise processing by thoroughly analyzing various aspects in the usage environment including required hardness, temperature and shock by effectively using simulation technology.

Tell us about your Indian operation…
Our local head office and manufacturing facility is located in Jamashedpur. It provides services to users throughout India with five sales offices in Jamshedpur, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

What is the current scenario in the Indian and global cutting tool industry?
We expect further development of the cutting tool industry with other industries including machining tools, which will contribute to the advancement of the global manufacturing industry.

Which of your products are widely accepted in the Indian market?
From a sales point, the CVD coated cutting chip does the best. Sales of milling chips and solid tools are also increasing.

What are the factors that support the growth of turning insert, turning holder, solid end milling or in general cutting tool technologies? What kind of demand trends do you foresee in the above mentioned segments?Although there are different demands such as high efficiency, long life, high accuracy, and cost efficiency which depend on each market, ultimately we consider contributing to our customers’ increased productivity to be our main goal. The development of products that meet diverse customer needs accelerates the progress of new technologies. Kyocera aims to contribute to its customers’ increased productivity.

The new buzz word in the industry is about green machining and industry 4.0 and technologies like IOT. Where does Kyocera stand?
We pay attention to such industry trends and strive to offer the best products and services from the customer’s view point.

Future plans for the Indian market…
We consider the Indian market as a prospective market for cutting tools, where the aerospace and medical industry is rapidly developing in addition to the automotive industry. Since there are more than 20 cutting tool makers in fierce competition, we aim to increase our market share by providing price competitive products while maintaining high quality by effectively utilizing our manufacturing site in Jamshedpur.

By Nishant Kashyap