Tungaloy expands the TungTri Square Shoulder Mill Series

Tungaloy Corporation is adding a new insert line for non-ferrous milling to its TungTri square shoulder mill series.

The TungTri is a square shoulder mill family which carries triangular inserts with three cutting edges. With its renowned tool economy and vibration damping capability, the TungTri series is unrivalled not only in shouldering and grooving applications but also in pocketing and profiling uses.

From an environmental standpoint, automobile weight reduction has been further accelerated to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emission, impelling automakers to use lightweight, non-ferrous materials like aluminum alloys to replace traditional steel parts. The use of high cutting parameters is typical in non-ferrous machining but is prone to chattering, increasing the chance of tool failures, which can substantially impair the production profitability. For such a market situation, Tungaloy is now offering an insert line for reliable non-ferrous milling operations.

TungTri’s new insert for non-ferrous application incorporates a chipbreaker that enables smooth chip control and decrease re-cutting of chips to decrease the chance to deteriorate surface quality. The insert has a unique multi-step configuration built on its clearance surface for an ultimate cutting edge sharpness as well as robustness. The insert is available in KS05F, a sub-micron grain, non-coated cemented carbide grade for superior cutting edge sharpness and toughness. The economy and high performance featured by TungTri’s new inserts will increase the productivity and profitability in every non-ferrous application.

Features and benefits:

  • Optimized insert geometry enhances free cutting action as well as robust insert cutting edges
  • The chipbreaker is designed to dramatically reduce re-cutting of chips and improves surface quality
  • Triangular insert with three cutting edges for maximum tool economy
  • Helical cutting edge on the insert achieves a high level of wall accuracy