Heavy duty, high accuracy, and versatile, large HMC with W-axis Spindle from Doosan

Doosan Machine Tools has launched the HM 1250W, a large 1250mm pallet Horizontal Machining Center with W-axis spindle for extensive machining capability.
Sharing the same platform as the HM 1250, which has already proven itself in the global market, the HM 1250W further enhanced machining capability with W-axis spindle(110 mm outer diameter, extendable up to 300 mm), which allows user to perform boring work on an advanced Horizontal Machining Center such as HM 1250. Additionally, due to number of customers’ needs for higher table load capacity, HM 1250W is designed to handle up to 5 ton work.
The dual-contact spindle design, which allows tools to contact the spindle face and taper at the same time, minimizes vibrations to yield higher machining accuracy. The heavy duty gear-type high-torque spindle with maximum 3,000 rpm, allows users to machine parts for diverse industries such as heavy structure, aerospace, energy, and more. HM 1250W’s diverse machining capability significantly improves productivity and cost by performing more within single machine.

The highly rigid, large bed absorbs vibration during heavy-duty cutting to maintain high level of accuracy for long period of machine operation. The X and Z axes uses box guideways, while the Y axis uses a large 63mm roller guideway to maintain high machining accuracy and durability.

The standard 60 tool servo-motor driven tool magazine operates under a fixed address system to avoid confusion and ensure easy access.

The HM 1250W is Doosan’s latest large horizontal-type machining center. Developed on the highly rigid HM frame, HM 1250W ensures customer satisfaction with added value of W-axis machining on a 1250mm Automatic Pallet Changing Horizontal Machining Center.