Lathe chuck for efficient manufacturing of small and medium lot sizes

SCHUNK enlarges its program of 3-jaw quick-change chucks with the SCHUNK ROTA THW plus 400 offering more efficiency at medium sizes. Like all the lathe chucks of the ROTA THW plus family, the wedge bar power chuck is particularly designed for the production of small and medium-batch sizes. It is suitable for ID and OD clamping. With its optimized jaw quick-change mechanism, it ensures that CNC lathes, pick-up lathes and turn/mill centers can be converted to a new range of parts within a very short period of time. Due to the high jaw changing repeatability of < 0.02 mm, the already machined sets of chuck jaws can be used again and again.

csm_1703-SCHUNK-ROTA-THW-plus400_mfgtechupdateAll-rounder with a high operating and process safety
The large center through-hole with a diameter of 128 mm allows an extremely versatile use. The jaw stroke amounts to 8 mm, the clamping force to 240 kN, and the maximum speed to 3,500 RPM. The ROTA THW plus 400 is extremely flat and there remains enough space in the machine. For maximum operator safety when changing the jaws, an integrated ball mechanism ensures that the actuation key can be pulled only when the wedge bar has snapped into the base jaw. Moreover, a sophisticated lubrication system ensures that the most important guide surfaces are always optimally lubricated.