DIJET showcasing futuristic tooling solutions at IMTEX 2017

As a leader in the milling and drilling tools, turning tools, and wear and impact resistant tools, Japanese company Dijet paraded its variety of products at the IMTEX 2017, in Bangalore.

The company is highlighting its high-end Indexable tooling solutions like EXTREME DIEMATE” EXTDM / MTX type and Indexable spot facing drill TLZD type.

Indexable radius cutter for hard-to-cut material with double-side insert “EXTREME DIEMATE” EXTDM / MTX type


  • Achieved edge sharpness and strength by unique helical cutting edge. Adopted radius insert suitable for turbine blade machining.
  • Economical double-side insert (8 corners).
    Unique insert rotation preventing structure: Due to wedge-shaped binding face of insert prevents movement of inserts. Able to stable machining.

Indexable spot facing drill TLZD type.


  • TLZD can be used repeatedly only by exchanging insert. Easy assembly of insert & body.
  • Achieved non-step drilling without pilot hole even if drilling slope surface and crossed hole.
  • By adopting new PVD coated grade “JC7550” and unique coolant system, achieved longer tool life even if drilling mold steel or stainless steel.
  • By adopting exclusive design body & high rigid “G-body”, achieved stable machining.
  • Controlled burr in case of drilling thin plate.