LMT Tools is highlighting its die & mould solutions at DIE MOULD India 2016

The German tooling giant is displaying its expertise in Die & Mould Industry at ongoing Die & Mould India International exhibition. The company is highlighting its High Feed Indexible and Solid Carbide Tools, Double Helix End Mills, Ball nose and Bull nose cutters, and inserts for roughing & finishing, High Power Milling Chucks & Shrinkfits, Tool Extensions and Table Top Thermogrip Machine.

The event is scheduled from April 6-9, 2016 in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru. LMT Tools is showcasing some of its high-end products like Multiedge 2 feed Mini, Multiedge 4 feed, Multiedge Double 4 feed, 2 feed & 4 feed solid carbide endmills, Finishline premium, Univex Premium, ACU Jet Double 6, Ballnose copy cutters for finishing & superfinishing, Double Helix Endmills and Nanosphere red coated endmills from its Stall B-50, Hall 2A.

Product Highlights:

MultiEdge-2-feed-mini_hi-riseMultiEdge 2Feed Mini: Small Cutter with Big Results

  • Cutter permits maximum material removal rate even in less powerful machining centres.
  • All new high performance cutter for machining small and medium components.
  • 2 different insert geometries with 2 different cutting material types ensures that almost all materials used in tool & die making can be processes.
  • Advantages include: High material removal rates, high performance & high feed geometries and Internal coolant supply

DHC Hardline: End Milling With Full Hardness

  • The DHC Hardline extends the family of solid carbide end mills with different helix angles (Double Helix Cutters).DHC-Hardline_hi-rise
  • The special geometry ensures maximum productivity in a smooth running and stable process.
  • The high resilient cutting material of the DHC HARDLINE allows machining high strength materials up to 1600 N / mm² or hardened steel between 45 and 55 HRC. Additionally it can be used in cast iron too.
  • Advantages include: Highest process reliability in high strength materials, drastic increase in tool life, one single tool for roughing and finishing, proven geometry (DHC) for maximum smoothness, real life miracle in softer steels

Super-FinishSuperFinish: Dimension for Precision

  • The latest SF (super finish) geometry sets a new standard for process reliability, surface quality, and tool life, thanks to high precision cutting edge geometry with an optimized cutting edge preparation.
  • Used for finishing and semi-finishing high strength steel.Can be used for components with very long machining times.
  • Polished cutting edge with high precision cutting edge preparation for high process reliability even in manless production.
  • Very high dimensional and indexing accuracy.
  • Advantages include: Reduction of machining time by 25%, no rework after replacing the indexible inserts, significantly reduced tool costs, mould and Die optimized grade, Nanomold Red