Mandelli Sistemi machining centers suitable for working hard material with a complex shape

Mandelli Sistemi has an experience of over 80 years in the world of machine tools. During these years it has reached the top of the market not only nationally but also at an international level by designing and building machines used in different application sectors. However, it has consolidated its position in two main sectors in particular: energy and aeronautics.

The aeronautic industry is a strategic sector for Mandelli as the main aircraft manufacturers estimate that the world fleet will double in size in the next 20 years from the current 20910 to 42180 with 36700 new airplanes and a $ 5.2 trillion turnover. The main factors for this result are the expected economic growth, especially in the BRICS countries, that will attract businessmen from all over the world, increment in tourism and reduction in the ticket prices.

Mandelli is ready for the challenge with its range of machining centers suitable for working hard material with a complex shape, often requiring turning and milling operations. The raw parts are usually plates which have to be “machined from solid” or they can be forged parts or castings with a considerable amount of allowance to guarantee the absence of defects in the material: the machine tools must, therefore, be very stable for heavy stock removal during the roughing operations, but at the same time, they must also be dynamic and accurate in the finishing operations of complex profiles. Mandelli’s response to this was the Multitasking Machining Center, able to automatically switch from operations with rotating tools to the standard machining operations of a vertical lathe. Mandelli laid its roots on multitasking machining many years ago: way back in 1992 it build the M8 U/T Machining Center, then it passed on to the Storm 1400 with the introduction of the tilting head, followed by the new Spark Line that includes turning/milling machine models for which Mandelli took heed of its past experiences and focused on the fixed table solution. This type of configuration produces excellent performances in terms of stock removal volume and machining precision. The large size rolling guides and the FEM optimised structure are the perfect match between dynamic features and machining rigidity. The Spark Line includes two turning models, respectively able to hold components with Ø1600 and Ø2000 swings and have a loading capacity of up to 7000 kg. The Spark A/T has recently been equipped with various accessories which can be loaded automatically and which further improve the machining flexibility: an extension for turning operations up to a depth of over 600 mm, an angular head for the drilling of internal diameters, motorisation for the facing tools. All these options are available with automatic tool change on the actual accessory.