Losma SpA unveils new filtration system Atlas MS for centralized applications

Losma S.p.A., leader in engineering and producing air and coolant filtration systems for machine tools, unveils Atlas MS – a new filtration group for cleaning the air from oil mist and smoke produced by metal working with coolants. Atlas MS is ideal for centralized applications or big machining centres, due to the high flow rate it is able to generate.
Atlas MS series is composed of 4 different modules, working with flowrates between 6.000 and 24.000 m3/h. Filtration process has four gradual steps:

  1. First step-pre-filtration: polluted air enters in the wide settling chamber, allowing the separation of coarser  particles, which fall into the collecting tank.
  2. Second step: airflow crosses the drop and micro- drop multilayer separator utilizing principles of collision, interception and diffusion.
  3. Third Step: the pre-filtered air crosses the G2 metallic filter. Due to the force of impact the pollutant particles separate, merge and thicken upon the filter falling towards the lower part.
  4. Fourth step and post-filtration: fine filtration with high efficiency sets of microfiber cartridges, effective on pollutant particles with dimensions less than 1 micron. This last step of filtration    grants an efficiency of 99%.

This product range is equipped with AUTOCLEAN feature, which is an automated system for cartridge cleaning. At regular times a motorized shutter closes one of the suction channels, allowing the filtering cartridge to dry off the oil collected. All other suction channels continue working regularly. In this way the lifetime of filters can be extended, multilayer separator and G2 metallic are also washable filters and can be re-used. Such a system is totally automated and managed by a PLC, an ideal feature for those production processes without stops.

Atlas MS can mount high or low pressure fans, thus being the best solution for centralized applications or machining centers, requiring high air flowrates with low prevalences (head). This filtration group can be applied in different fields: machine working with coolants, machining centers, lathes, grinding, gear cutting, thread cutting or milling machines, etc.