AITA becomes the reference entity for Italian Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing sectors

After few months from its start-up and only three operative months, AITA-ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECNOLOGIE ADDITIVE (Italian Association of Additive Technologies) presents itself as reference entity for the Italian industrial sectors of additive technologies and 3D printing.

On the occasion of its General Assembly and Board of Directors (both held last March 31, 2015), the association reached and surpassed the target of 50 members,creating a transversal entity grouping machine manufacturers/dealers, design software companies, service centers, big companies and SMEs using additive technologies in manufacturing. On their side, important universities and research centers ensure the “knowledge and innovation tank”, necessary for thesector establishing and growing up. The members list is completed by some individuals, aiming at increasing their cultural level on the topic or at launching new business initiatives.

“This target”, states Alfredo Mariotti (the Association General Manager), “confirms us that the additive technologies sector represents a key factor for the growing up of the Italian mechanical manufacturing industry. Thisis allowed by the capability of additive process based machines to realize sophisticated and customized products, consequently assuming the role of “third type” machine tools, since they integrate the machine tools (for cutting and forming) and other types of instrumental goods. This will enable Italian manufacturing industries to develop and produce highly innovative products and services (attractive at domestic level and abroad), contributing torelaunch the Italian industrial sector”.

AITA-ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECNOLOGIE ADDITIVE ( is a cultural association aiming to represent the interest of Italian Additive Manufacturing Sector (producers of machines, end-users, enabling technologies suppliers, service centers, universities, research centers, etc.), helping the dialogue with public stakeholders and other industrial associations, in order to spread and develop the use of Additive Manufacturing (and the related knowledge) in manufacturing environment.